Stamping with Stephanie

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

loving the vintage style

I have discovered that I love the vintage look. At leadership, Shelli showed us so many fabulous vintage looks I thought I'd give it a try. I love it!!! I really love that I'm using a free stamp set, Vintage Vogue. One of the perks of being a demonstrator! This is a card that I am demonstrating tonight at my stamp club. I hope the ladies love it as much as I do. I love when I stumble on a card that I adore. I used the Vintage Vogue set and coordinating wheel (can't remember the name-just pulled it out the box today!), soft suede, rich razzleberry, rose red, naturals ivory and pretty in pink paper. I used rich razzleberry, soft suede and cclose to cocoa ink. For the flowers, I punched out 3 sizes of the circles and the crinkled up and spritzed with water and kinda just shaped into the current shape. You like my directions for that, real technical huh! The topper is another fun idea that I learned at leadership, mix some of the champagne simmer paint in with hand sanitizer and spritz on card. It gives a great look! I wished that it would show up better on the picture, just imagine a shimmery card.
On a side note, I never could get a card or picture loaded from my iphone. One day!
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!


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