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Friday, September 11, 2009

birthday bella

I just love the bellas! They are so darn sassy. This card was for one of my friend's birthday that was yesterday. At least, I remembered to snap a picture before I ran out the door for an evening out. Yippee for me!! It was nice to sneak out with friends and have a cocktail or two. Maybe that explains why I'm so darned tired right now. Or it could be that I had to work all day and then run too soccer with the 2 older ones. (Which I'm coaching the 4 year old team) and then she is having a friend spend the night. So much for sleep tonight. HUH? The first games are tomorrow. I am guessing that it will be humorous. Enough blabbing, right? Besides, Logan is hollering that I need to paint the fingernails! Enjoy cosmo bella. Thanks for stopping by.

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