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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I took of advantage of the great Colorado weather and got my stamp room clean and organized! I have slowly been working on buying containers. Since we had rain and cold weather (50's for the high!) for the last 2 days and I was sick of children asking when the rain was going to stop, I snuck off to my sanctuary to clean! I don't think my children have seen so much rain at one time. If your not familiar with CO weather, it never rains this much at one time! I will say, the cool weather was a welcome break for August! The mountains even got several inches of snow! I would love to show you the pictures of my clean, organized room but my husband took the power cord to work. As soon as it returns I will upload the pictures. Have a great rest of the weekend.
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Beckie said...

Well, I , for one, will be sitting by my computer waiting for those pictures! I love organizing tips and pictures! Enjoy your rain...we may have a hurrican here Tuesday....